Tuesday, September 17, 2013

One day of calm

A rare moment of calm
Take a look at the pic below.

Isn’t that just so peaceful?

Kind of like Earth needed a break or something, so it called off all the storms and set a nice thin layer of cumulus over the oceans to mask a little of the sun and gentled the winds to an easy breeze so that the ships and sailboats could sail a little easier... ahhhhhh....!

But that lasted about a day!

Then Tropical Storm HUMBERTO formed. He made a go of it, and then decided to come back around again.

Now NASA is studying Humberto as the Atlantic’s Second ZOMBIE Tropical Storm!!!!

Great... even the scientists are writing Zombie thrillers!

This whole picture of a freakishly calm Earth has me thinking though... Life is a LOT like this pic of calm... a calm that doesn’t really know that a whole shit load of storms is on its way to upset the calms delicate little sensibilities.

Seems like all’s we get anymore is a day, maybe two if we’re lucky of “calm skies” and then WHAM-O!

Right back to the freaking meat grinder for you, bub!

There’s work and there’s family and then the job makes you work late so you miss the kids recital and then the car breaks down so you miss a day of work and then the job makes you go outta town for an extended period of time so that you can’t see or do anything at home because you aren’t even there and then your wife gets “that call” from the doctor so you have to scramble home hoping and praying that all is OK but the doc says “false alarm” and your boss gets pissed because you had to miss another day and then the kids have another show you have to see but you can’t because you have to work late and then you check the fridge and you’re outta beer...


It just seems like these “storm cycles” are a lot more frequent and last a lot longer than any “calm cycles”.

Let’s face it... LIFE IS TOUGH!

Take a moment and everyone whine for a bit... there we go... let it out... it’ll be OK.

Or maybe it won’t.

Life is like that. Maybe it’ll work out, maybe it won’t, but life just keeps on coming. Never stops. Never gives you a break.

So, how do we DEAL with that? This never ending parade of mostly crap mixed in with a little bit of OK-ness that never really seems to make the crap live-able?

I don’t know.

No, really... I have NO idea.

The ONLY thing I know to do is to just keep going. Keep on keeping on. Never give up. Never surrender.

One thing I CAN tell you is to NEVER STOP WRITING! Never stop CREATING! If you are an artist never stop ARTING. Never stop doing what it is that you do that makes you YOU, what makes you the creative person that you are.

Life IS tough. For everyone. But we need the art, the literature, the creativeness that folks like you and I give to the world. I aint saying that this stuff I do that I call “writing” is invaluable to the world. That’s not the point.

What IS invaluable is the sheer fact that I CAN DO what I do, that I am “allowed” to do it, that we have this great country in which we can live in and be free in and to do this stuff in.

That’s why we have to keep on keeping on, keep on creating.

If we stop... then I fear that one day it will ALL stop.

And I do not want to face a world or live in a country where we are not allowed to be creative.

That would really suck.

So take those days of calm, as few and as infrequent as they may be, and use them to bolster yourself so that you can persevere on those days Humberto comes beating on your door.

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