Thursday, April 17, 2014

Another story idea...

Man, one of these days I have GOT to finish up some of these shorts I have been writing.

But, until that day... please enjoy another submission in what I am beginning to think of in terms of a name as:

Paul Philip Carter's Drifting Ideas of Mayhem and Chaos.

Ok, maybe that's not REALLY what I will name it... keep thinking, keep thinking...

Anyway, here is a short prelude for a story I will call... hmm... what to call it... how about THE TAMING OF RAY LAZARUS.

There was a man, beaten down by life, full of despair and confusion.
He had lost his wife, his child, his entire life due to his missteps.
For his crimes, he was sentenced to live a life secluded from what he loved.
But his accusers were not the courts, not the judges and lawyers that we all know.
His jailer was the Dark One.

What if you had the chance to live again after death, but you find that the new life you’ve been given is actually Hell?

Ray Lazarus hated work.
Ray Lazarus despised anything that got in the way of his one true love: him.
Anything Ray wanted, whatever he decided was the thing for him to do or to think or a place to be, that was what Ray would do.
It was then a bit of a dilemma when, one day, Ray decided to fall in love.
The day he met his future wife, Ms. Vera Turner, Ray was only interested in getting in her pants. Unfortunately for Ray, sex with Vera turned into a minor obsession. He couldn’t get enough. Everyday, sex with Vera was the first thing he thought about, and therefore that was the thing Ray would do.
Two years later, Ray found himself married to Vera.
Then, they had a child.
That lone voice inside Ray’s head that told him what to do and what to want and where to be… that voice was still there, but it was suddenly (at least it seemed suddenly to Ray) silenced! One day Ray woke up and realized that HE was no longer the decider of his fate! HE was no longer in control of his decisions! HE was no longer the MASTER of his DESTINY!
Ray felt cheated.
Ray hated that.
The only thing in the world that Ray hated worse than work was to feel like he had been denied anything. Who else was there in the world that could decide what was right and best for him? Nobody at all, buddy boy, I am here to tell ya!
So, one day, even though he loved his family dearly (and really loved still getting into Vera’s pants,) Ray decided to do something altogether of his own volition, do something he wanted to do and only because he wanted to do it.
Ray went GAMBLING.
Now, a few years later, and in a weird way if he really thought about it at all, Ray realized that was the last day he ever did anything just because he wanted to do it.
After that day, everything changed.

Because that was the day Ray Lazarus died.