Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hello, I'm Paul Carter. Welcome to my world of Voice Over...

Life changes.

Things come and go and then come around again. We ride the waves of our lives like a professional surfer catching a tunnel.

Ha! More likely we are lucky to have a paddle board and a life preserver that works JUST well enough to keep us from drowning. But somehow we keep moving on!

As you all know I am a writer and a musician. As I writer I have been in the trenches for almost 10 years now. As a musician I have been slugging it out for over 30 YEARS!

Yes kids... this is how we used to record audio
Over the course of those 30 years I have played and performed with MANY bands and acts in bars and clubs and yes even in church. I have been blessed with having numerous opportunities to record in some of the BEST recording studios in the Kansas City area. For over 20 years now I have owned and operated my own personal recording studio in various forms and fashions. Technological capabilities have evolved so much over those years it would make your head spin. My personal equipment has undergone transformation from a Tascam 4-track that reorded on cassettes (remember those??) WAY back in the 1980's... to a Roland CDX-1 in the 1990's that recorded on CD-RW (that was weird)... to ADAT 8-tracks that recorded on VHS style tape (WTF???!!!) and now to computer based DAW's such as Sonar and Logic and Garageband. Baby we have come a LONG way!

And I have LOVED every minute of it!

And the times they are a-changing!

The next step in my artistic growth is Voice Over Talent. This is a step that in retrospect seems like a NO BRAINER. I mean, I have ALL the equipment, I have excellent recording skills, and I have performance skills from playing live and acting as frontman for nearly every band I have ever played in! And (now don't think me too old) but I have had more voice over training and experience over those years than even I remembered or imagined. To wit, the year I graduated high school (due to security and to retain as much dignity as possible I will not be specific which year - but it was sometime in the 1980's) I recorded voice over with my drama teacher and local Kansas City actor extraordinaire Ray Ettinger. So you might say I have at least a little bit of a pedigree!

So, over the coming months and years you will be delighted (or bored) with all the details that I choose to regale you with about my journey through the World Of Voice Over!

Hope you enjoy!

Oh and go check out my new page at www.impaulcarter.com

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