Yes, this is really me... dreaming up my next chapter

Growing up in Missouri, Paul Philip Carter loved throwing rocks at water spiders.

The usually still and stagnant creek channel by his childhood home harbored pools of fetid water perfect for the low-profile leaping insects.

Breeding water spiders was not the only crop of this fertile valley where Paul spent his childhood. Paul's imagination bloomed here as well and he places the foundation for his love of writing and storytelling in these early childhood memories.

“I told so many stories as a kid my mom always said I’d either be a lawyer or a writer.”

Thankfully law school did not appeal to Paul.

Instead he pursued a career in technology, and while getting married and raising a family he worked in telecommunications and for a secretive government agency with a three letter acronym for its name.

All this time Paul never gave up on his childhood dream, remembering how in his ninth grade Creative Writing class Mrs. Dorothy Fisher told him he had a knack. On to college and through numerous English and writing classes Paul always earned top marks and graduated magna cum laude.

Finally, nearing his forties, a decision was made and the first pages of the dystopian fantasy The Plotters of Cantaera were born.

Having fed as a kid on a steady diet of sci-fi as well as fantasy, the storytelling could not be stopped at the Plotters.

Romy Malloy was born, and the world of multi-dimensional fiction and Erectile Dysfunction would never be the same.

Paul now spends his days writing and working toward publication, including self publishing his works. Stop Sucking And Start Writing - Hey WHOA there fella! You CAN be a writer! is the culmination of advice Paul actually uses and is available as an e-Book for any and all writers to use to find inspiration.

Paul lives in the Midwest with his wife and kids and a dog named Oliver.