Culver Bishop

Culver Bishop is the lead scientist tasked with blending human cells and DNA with a new prototype of silicon nano-chip to create non-dying nerve cells... curing numerous diseases and basically providing immortality for all humans.

She recently received approval to work on the el-Farm, the site of multiple elevated NEO (near earth orbit) research facilities. It is called "el-Farm" due to the method of transport to reach the facility: the space ribbon elevator. Culver's work could be accelerated by years if she can get access to work on the NEO el-Farm.

Located near the "doldrums" of the ITCZ (inter-tropical convergence zone) and using HAARP technology to keep weather and winds at an optimum operational level and distortion plates as a cloaking device from all satellites, the three elevators and three research facilities are dubbed "The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost," a point of extreme irritation for a radical religious fundamentalist group working with an NSA whistle-blower.

Along with the work the el-Farm does the radical group complains of the "technocratic theocracy" the government is putting in place using facial recognition, pre-crime technology, and cordoned communities being kept compliant using drugs in the water supply. The group believes Culver's work is an abomination.

Utilizing advanced technologies such as SEAS (synthetic environments for analysis and simulation), combined with AT&T's Hancock programming language, the government effectively has full control of most of the populace of the U.S. and is able to monitor and subdue society as a single yet multi-celled organism through CEMS (the central element management system).

Two days before Culver is deployed to the el-Farm to begin her project, the facility is destroyed by terrorist bombs.

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