Romy Malloy

Here you will find all you need to know about Romy Malloy and her adventures.


Dr. Romy Malloy finally finds a man worth dating only to discover he is from another dimension stranded here with less than twenty-four hours to live unless Romy helps him fight off assassins and find the portal to return to his home dimension.

Who is Romy Malloy?
Romy Malloy is just a girl trying to make a living running a sleep-study clinic in downtown St. Louis Missouri.

Who is Det. Thomas Marks?
Det. Thomas Marks is not only employed by the St. Louis Metro Police, he is also a reserve officer for the IDP -- the Inter-Dimensional Police Department.

Who is Jarboe?
Some call me a dog. Woof. Whatever. I am friend (BEST friend) of Romy Malloy -- DOCTOR Romy Malloy to you. And you may find as you delve deeper that I have some hidden talents.