The Plotters of Cantaera

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It is a common tale. One that is passed down through the ages, often repeated, and eventually believed to be truth.

An epic story of a young man born to fulfill prophecy.

Guided by fates and controlled by powers he cannot perceive.

Destined to sacrifice his life for the greater good of his world.

But this is not THAT tale...

William Deane just wants to find his family.

William knows that prophecy is not the future, and fate is not the master and creator of true reality.

The only reality William desires is to preserve his home and the love of his family.

But the only way he can secure that future is to make the people of Cantaera understand that what they believe is real... the history that they think they know... the mythology that guides their futures... is all just a fabrication.

Reality is just a contrivance of the Plotters...

POC is based around the life of William Deane, a 16 year old young man who has just seen both his father AND his grandfather abducted by unknown forces for unknown reasons.
William's only desire is to find and save his family, but he quickly discovers that not just his family but the whole world has been caught up in a struggle between good and evil and it is not at all clear which side is for the good.

What/Who are the PLOTTERS?
The plotters, also known as au-Vonya, are beings with special powers that allow them to control the lives of every person on Cantaera. Nothing -- not one word or any action -- is done outside the control of the au-Vonya.

Who are The Maithus?
The Maithus are a mysterious clan who live near The Rift. Most Cantaeran's fear them and believe they have hidden powers of sorcery.

What does "Under the sun..." mean?
"Under the sun" or "Under the sun my friend" is a common Ves-Jin and Tench Region colloquialism. Here is the original saying in full:
"May your days be lived under the sun and full of the blessings of the Maker."
There are other ways of saying it as well and numerous regional tweaks to the words and phraseology, but all in all they mean the same thing -- "hope you have a good day."

Who is William Deane?
William Deane is the son of Johnathan and Mary Deane, and grandson of Nathaniel Deane. William was born and raised in Ves-Jin within Tench Region. Mary, his mother, died when William was very young and his father and grandfather raised him on the family farm.

When both his father and grandfather are abducted by unknown assailants William's primary focus is to find and reclaim his family and bring them back home alive.

Who is Murry Stites?
Murry Stites is an inventor by trade and best friend to William Deane. Though a few years older than William, Murry was small and shy as a child and due to William's kind nature and much larger physical stature they became fast friends when William saved Murry from a group of bullies at school.